Ausdrain leach drains supplied by Civil and General


Ausdrain EnviroModule™2 septic leach drainage available at Civil & General Distributors.

Leach drains are effluent disposal drains used to get rid of effluent that comes from the septic tanks.
Civil & General Distributors supply AUSDRAIN leach drains. They are practical, cost-effective and easy to install. The EnviroModules are lightweight, have an open structure providing high flow rates and are extremely robust enabling installation under trafficable areas such as carparks and driveways.
Ausdrain EnviroModules are manufactured in Australia from 100% recycled plastic.
All leach drains must be approved in WA by the Executive Director, Public Health of the Department of Health and the Ausdrain leach drains are so approved

More information on EnviroModule ™2 septic leach drainage is available on our website.

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