DWV Swivel and Expansion Combo Joints

What’s New?

Civil and General Distributors are pleased to introduce the DWV Swivel Combo Joint. Capable of up to 100mm movement with a 360⁰ rotation and +/- 15⁰ angular deflection, combined with longitudinal expansion the DWV joint provides flexibility at commonly fixed positions in plumbing networks to compensate for natural movement of soils over time.

How it works

Unique in design with a ‘ball and socket’ joint, the DWV Swivel Combo Joint can accommodate soil movement in M to E Class Soils as per Australian Standards 2870 Flexible Joint Requirements.

Manufactured specifically for changing, eroding and moving soils over time, the unique design provides all the benefits that fixed PVC joints offer, with an added flexibility and sense of assurance to protect piping joints and decrease the likelihood of piping cracks or deterioration caused by naturally reacting soils. Watermark approved, and the most flexible of all Swivel Joints in the market, the DWV Swivel Combo Joint is the latest in plumbing innovation.

Soil Classifications-Perth:

There are numerous soil types across the Perth areas that require different and specific analysis before construction commences. Whilst many locals believe Perth consists mainly of sandy soil, in fact Perth is situated on clay, rock, limestone and sand (and in some areas a combination of many).  It is important, before any construction, to understand the sites soil type, classification and surroundings including waterways, water tables, ground slope, trees, shrubs and organic material, service trenches and water run-off, all of which affect the movement and reaction levels of the soil.

It doesn’t take an earthquake to fracture underground pipes- swelling and shrinking ‘reactive’ soils can be just as hazardous to plumbing infrastructure.

Eroding, moving and unstable foundations to a property is an impeding, but completely natural occurrence, worldwide. Unable to restrict these movements, preparation is vital. Planning, knowledge and inventive technology like the DWV Swivel and Expansion Joints can provide further assurance, protection and flexibility up to 100mm movement for plumbing infrastructure against soil movements.

Silt Traps

Silt traps are designed to isolate heavier particles (in drainage water) such as silt, grit and organic particles and encourage them to settle in the trap base. This helps to clean water before release to major waterways and helps contribute to better overall water quality.

For more information/queries regarding the latest in the DWV Swivel and Expansion Combo Joints and Silt and Plaster traps, please drop by the office or give our dedicated and experienced team a call on (08) 9249 4733. Furthermore, you can email any enquiries to sales@civilandgeneral.com.au.