Optus Stadium – Drainage Products Case Study

The world-class Optus Stadium has just held the first AFL game on the 31st March 2018. The seating bowl maximises the atmosphere, giving fans exceptional views and brings them closer to the action.

Civil & General Distributors supplied three main products which were all installed by Sanwell Plumbing & Civil

Halgan grease traps

23 MGTA Halgan above ground grease traps ranging from 2000 litres up to 5000 litres – to collect all wastewater containing grease, oils and solids from all food preparation area within the stadium before the wastewater is discharged to the sewers. The grease traps are located in the basement areas of the stadium. They are servicing the main food preparation venues and commercial kitchens within the stadium.


The Halgan grease traps are ideal for this purpose at the Stadium because they are lightweight for ease in transportation and installation and are manufactured from polyethene which provides longevity and is also easier to clean for the pump out contractors which save time and money.​​

Ultimate Custom channel and grate system and grate and frame options:

Change rooms, showers, spas, drink rooms and other wet areas – provided Ultimate custom 316 stainless steel 40mm and 100mm deep channel and 316 stainless steel 100mm or 135mm wide HM3 slip resistant electropolished class A Heelguard Wedgewire grates.


These high-quality custom stainless steel channel and grates were supplied into all three of the shower and change room areas and the recovery wet areas and drink rooms.​


Viewing areas outside the Inner Sanctum Premium area behind the team’s interchange benches – provided 84 metres of Ultimate custom grate and frame 440mm wide class B 316 stainless steel slip resistant curved grates.


Supplied 450mm wide Ultimate Custom channel in 316 stainless steel with HM3 slip resistant grates to Australian standard code for commercial kitchens and installed with fitted strainer baskets in the outlets. These custom channel and grates are ideal for commercial kitchens providing a solution in removing water quickly when cleaning and keeping work area free from water allowing for a safe work environment.


Stormtech channel and grate

Level 2 concourse area supplied made to length architectural style 316 stainless steel channel and Slip-resistant Heelguard Wedgewire grates.

Optus Stadium image by Tama Leaver