What’s New?

Civil and General Distributors are proud to re-introduce the latest in Stormtech innovation, the AR Series.

The AR Series features the original, architectural wedge wire grate, manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel combined with a UPVC or stainless steel channel.

Backed by popular demand, the AR Series is NOW AVAILABLE in SATIN BLACK. A modern, aesthetically pleasing design, backed with the unique efficiency and versatility that Stormtech has to offer, is now available through Civil and General Distributors.

Why Stormtech?

Unique in their efficiency and versatility, Stormtech grates are ideal for new construction as well as retrofitting during renovations. The AR Series provides a beautiful finish and ease of access for architectural requirements- perfectly suited for Kitchens, Bars and Restaurants, Bathrooms and Showers, Hotels and Resorts, Pools and Thresholds.

Other unique finishes

Stormtech also has available the Marc Newson designed linear grates which are available in five beautifully distinctive finishes to suit each and every design. (From left: Satin Stainless Steel, Satin Black, Pearl Brass, White and Blue).

For more information/queries regarding the latest in Stormtech products, please drop by the office or give our dedicated and experienced team a call on (08) 9249 4733.