The Wondercap

What Is The Wondercap?

The Wondercap is a revolutionary anti-bacterial puddle flange (or cap) designed specifically to provide total water proofing protection of the drainage system and after the floor waste grate is installed. It also protects the piping and waste trap from filling with rubbish and concrete. By removing the black foam surround during construction it allows water to flow into the pipework at the same time preventing material entering the waste pipe.

What is the wondercap

Why The Wondercap?

Easily inserted into floor and shower waste risers, the Wondercap is a multi-purpose, cost-effective drainage product that provides a water proofing solution for plumbing installation. Available in 50, 80 and 100mm specifications, the Wondercap provides numerous benefits to trades, contractors and individuals operating on or around the construction site.

  • Improves work place health and safety with no protruding pipework.
  • Quality assurance procedure for every projects drainage.
  • Protection from general and construction waste entering the drainge system (screed, grout, dirt).
  • Eliminates odours from the drainage system (especially during piping repair works) and post completion blockages caused by soap, hair and dirt build up.
  • No more misaligned grates.
  • Improves waterproofing practices.
  • The customer has a free flowing drain with a clean finish.

The Wondercap Drainage System: Features

  • Protective Cap- Eliminates the chance of blockages.
  • Adjustable Base- Adjustable insert base suits various screed heights.
  • Puddle Flange- Flange seals off pipes at slab level and eliminates 80% of all waterproofing problems and stops water from escaping down the side of the pipe.
  • Weep Holes- Patented weep holes in the base allows moisture build up under the tiles and in the bedding to escape down the floor waste.
  • Recyclable Non-Stain Base- Recyclable polypropylene ensures a non-stain base.
  • Hygenic Free Flowing Connection- Clean, smooth and hygienic connection between the grate and pipe.



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