Water Pex

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The Water Pex™ Piping system | Quality Assurance Guaranteed.

The Water Pex™ piping system is available in 2 styles.

These include:

  1. Pex/Al/Pex This is a five layered macro-composite construction and is the latest innovation for low pressure gas and water applications. The inside layer is made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX). This is bonded to an overlapped welded aluminium layer which in turn is bonded to an outside cross-linked polyethylene PEX layer. The middle layer is 100% gas/oxygen tight and all layers are extruded in one step. This structure provides the pipe with the advantages of metal and plastic while avoiding their weaknesses, and brings the following benefits to plumbing –
    • It is lower in cost when compared to conventional copper systems
    • It is lightweight, bendable and does not need to be welded
    • Installation times are significantly reduced, saving labour costs
    • The product is hygienic, non-toxic and smooth
  2. Pex-b Multi-Purpose The pex-b piping is a lower cost general purpose piping system for water only. The inner layer of the pipe is constructed from pex-b material. Bonded to the pipe is an outer coloured layer that provides the product with increased UV resistance making it suitable for external applications. This piping system is available in a range of colours to make installation quick and easy and comply with National regulations. The available colours include:
    • Black Multi-purpose water pipe
    • Blue – Cold water
    • Red Hot Water
    • Lilac Recycled water
    • Green Rain water

All Water Pex systems have been independently tested and certified to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of Australian Standard AS 4176 and ATS5200.478 “Polyethylene / Aluminium and Cross-Linked Polyethylene / Aluminium Macro Composite Pipe Systems for Pressure Applications”. In addition the manufacturing facilities are independently certified to ISO 9001.

All Water Pex fittings are made from high quality DR brass and can be used for Water Pex, Gas Pex and Heat Pex installations. In addition all systems use the same tooling.