Channel & Grates

channel drains

Whether it’s a 2km run of drainage channel and grates in a civil project or 3 meter run of stainless steel grating across a road, Civil and General Distributors have the ideal solution. Grating options ranging from cast iron, galvanised and stainless steel offer practical drainage solutions across numerous applications and industries.

Suitable for large commercial docking areas, industrial car parks, airports and heavy traffic areas to small public applications, the range of precast modular drainage channel and grates can provide a high standard, individualised solution.

We are also delighted to introduce Hydro MEA’s recent innovation in drainage solutions, GRP Channel Systems.

The MEA GRP Channel Systems consist of the more narrow (100mm and 150mm) MEA Fluid range and the wider (200mm and 300mm) Mearin Plus range.  The channels for each range are made of glassfibre reinforced polyester (GRP) making it extremely tough and exceptional value for money.

GRP is a sturdy high-tech material perfectly adapted for construction purposes. MEA channels are ecological (recyclable, asbestos and heavy metal free) and show very good resistance to pressure (65N/mm²), to bending (12N/mm²) and to extreme temperatures (-35°C to + 200°C).

The GRP channels are light weight which reduces labour for installation and transport costs. Applications for the GRP Drainage range includes – carparks, loading bays, driveways, shopping centres, wineries, public areas, service stations, train stations, sporting arenas, and landscape applications.

The MEA Fluid range of channel covers include ductile iron (class D), galvanised iron (class D), plastic slotted (class D), stainless steel (class B) (all heelguard) and galvanised steel mesh (class C) are all available to suit and complement the GRP channels. 

The Mearin Plus range of channel covers include ductile iron ‘wave’ (up to class F), ductile iron ‘slotted’ (class E) and galvanised steel mesh (class D).

Civil & General Distributors are happy to assist with how the MEA Fluid and the Mearin Plus ranges will work best for your project.