Expansion and Extension Joints for Reactive Soils

Storm Plastics In Show Room

Reactive soils are the primary cause of many broken storm water and sewer drains and the major cause for many house cracking.  Broken pipework, cracked walls and floors are typical of the damaged caused.  This is well recorded throughout Australian insurers, engineers and builders alike.

Civil and General Distributors supply swivel joints, expansion joints and combo joints that alleviate the breakage of pipes at foundation level and at inlet and outlet of all tank systems.  These specialised fittings are for use in underground sewer and storm water drains and available in 100mm, 150mm and 225mm pipe sizes.

For example our DWV Swivel Combo Joints is capable of up to 100mm movement with a 360⁰ rotation and +/- 15⁰ angular deflection, combined with longitudinal expansion.  The DWV joint provides flexibility at commonly fixed positions in plumbing networks to compensate for natural movement of soils over time.