External Surface Drains For Shopping Centres

Joondalup Shopping Centre MEA S1000 HEEL GUARD SS GRATE

Surface drainage is becoming increasingly important in the public, industrial, and private sectors. Different factors need to be taken into account when installing suitable drainage systems – terrain, loading and safety, as well as aesthetic and performance aspects need to be considered. By offering a comprehensive range with many possible combinations, we are able to provide an optimum individual and economic solution for every field of application.

Polymer concrete modular channel, grates, sumps and pits are specified by leading civil and hydraulic consultants throughout the world.  Polymer concrete is a material that has compressive and flexural strength when compared to concrete.

An alternative to polymer concrete are channels made of glassfibre reinforced polyester (GRP) which is extremely tough and exceptional value for money.  GRP is a sturdy high-tech material perfectly adapted for construction purposes. The GRP channels are light weight which reduces labour for installation and transport costs.

A variety of grates/covers including ductile iron (class D), galvanised iron (class D), stainless steel (class B) (all heelguard) and galvanised steel mesh (class C) are all available to suit and complement the Hydro MEA channels.  Heelguard stainless steel grates are also available including wedge wire.  The sleek look of stainless coupled with the durability of 316 marine grade stainless prevents deterioration, so it won’t break down or warp over time and can blend perfectly with its surroundings.