Silt & Plaster Traps

Plaster Silt Trap

Civil and General Distributors provide a both PVC and stainless steel silt traps and plaster traps.

A silt trap is required where silt and debris cannot be controlled.  A silt trap is a designated unit with a basket where water that is contaminated with suspended sediment as a result of construction activity or water runoff is contained until it can be removed.

The Civil and General Distributors supplied Silt Traps kits include the Bucket, Lid, and Fixed Secondary Strainer with 2mm Holes.

A Plaster Trap separates materials such as plaster, clay, sand, sediment, precious metals from waste water.  Any material heavier than water can be separated in a Plaster Trap.

Plaster Traps are installed in a convenient position under a sink and away from electrical and electronic devices.  They require sufficient headroom for removal and emptying the inner solids.