Gas & Water Pex Pipe

Pex is a piping system designed for gas and water use in residential or commercial applications. It is specified by many of Australia’s leading plumbing and gas-fitting contractors.

Flexible gas and water pipes offer many cost-saving advantages over traditional systems. It is cost-effective, easy to install and reduces the amount of equipment used on building sites.

It is available in sizes from 16mm up to 63mm in diameter, with all common fittings available for the Perth and Western Australian market. There is also free accreditation available and tooling package deals available for new residential or commercial plumbing contractors.

We provide composite pex pipes to all leading plumbing merchant groups in WA.

Benefits of Composite gas pipes:

  • Coils from 16mm up to 32mm diameter pipe
  • Lengths of 5 meters for 16mm up to 63mm diameter pipe
  • Pex/aluminium/pex, suitable up to 80 degrees
  • Huge range of fittings
  • Easy to install