Leach Drains Modules

Leach Drains Modules

Effluent disposal drains such as leach drains are used to get rid of effluent that comes from septic tanks. It is better to have these disposal systems put in two at one time (dual). This means that one can be in use while the other one is rested. Resting one drain system lets oil and grease that has collected in the surrounding soil be broken down. These dual systems also last longer than a single system the same size.

Civil and General Distributors distribute AUSDRAIN leach drains, otherwise known as absorption trenches.  They are practical, cost-effective and easy to install. The EnviroModules are:

  • lightweight,
  • have an open structure providing high flow rates, and
  • are extremely robust enabling installation under trafficable areas such as carparks and driveways.

Once assembled the EnviroModules are easily carried and lifted by hand into the trench. They are then placed end to end in a line and covered on the top, sides and ends with a recommended geotextile.

The AUSDRAIN leach drain system has been approved by councils and regulatory authorities including the Department of Health in Western Australia.